Insulated and retractable glass roof

Insulated and retractable glass roof

The insulated retractable sliding glass roof systems we provide are well known for their reliability. The roof system has been patented for 15 years, and can be found in commercial buildings, restaurants, cafés, sport halls, hockey arenas, palaces, private houses, public buildings etc. The customer who is looking for a sliding glass roof is usually have a project visualized, and don’t want to be limited by conventional skylights or roof windows.

The insulated sliding roof is very versatile and can have multiple functions, such as:

  • Covering an enclosed area, 75% retractable
  • Resting on top of a structure, 100% retractable
  • A gazebo, used as the full roof structure of the gazebo
  • Terrace entrance, can be used as a hatch in the roof to enter the roof area
  • Fire hatch, automatically opens to ventilate smoke and gas


A normal roof needs a lot of materials and work; wood, roofing felt, insulation material, inner cieling, windows, sanding, painting, etc.

Our sliding glass roofs are premade custom, according to your measurements.
Installation time on site is minimized, and saves you money!

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