Living room

Living room

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Stylish and Modern

If you would like to turn your ordinary house into a luxury house, and feel warm in the winter and have natural ventilation in the summer, a sliding glass roof is what you need. After you have installed the glass roofs, it will make you say -wow!

The insulated sliding glass roof is a green product, made with only recycleable materials, and feel very close to the nature. You will feel refreshed in your house in all season. Your house will become extra stylish and very modern. When it comes to the night time you will be able to enjoy the nature, watching the stars and the moon under complete protection. More so, you will be able to enjoy the morning sunrise while you prepare for work each day.

After you have made the decision and taken the steps to install the sliding glass roof, there is no doubt you will leave for work happy every day.
And it is not just you! Your family will also enjoy the comfort and sunshine.

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Medical Benefits

Studies show that natural sunligt and a fresh green interior has several possitive heath advantages.
In this article, are writing about the natural sunlights bennefits wich include

  • Sleep improovement
  • Mood elevation
  • Promotes bone growth
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Strengten the immune system
  • May reduce the risk of melanoma
  • Promotes weight loss

In addition, a 2017 study published in the Journal of Human Resources found that students who get more sunlight every day perform better in tests

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Where do I start? -You might ask yourself

To find time for a renovation can be hard. It takes several hours of planning and thinking to visualize what the glass roof would look like.
And when you have begun to draw it all down and started the project, you might rething the whole idea and change the original ideas because of factors you did not know about in in the start.  So, how to start your sliding glass roof project:

  • Stand in the middle of your living room and look up, imagine there is no roof. Imagine the  living room space feeling more open and bright.
  • Start to imagine there are no furniture and decorations in the living room.
  • Now start to think where would you place the things you usually have in a living room, like sofa, TV, plants, book shelves etc.
  • When you have a rough idea of what you want your living room to look like, take a few photos of the space.
  • Write down the basic ideas of your wishes.
  • Take the following measurements of the living room:  Width, length and height.
  • Click the button to go to the contact page, fill in your basic thougts and attach the pictures of your living room.

DONE! Once we have your projects basic ideas we can help you develop them and help you with the needed steps to complete your glass roof dreams. 

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There are many ways to decorate the room where you going to install glass roofs. Some like to keep lots of plants and indoor trees under the glass roof, while some like what we wuropeans call ”American style” with minimalistic interior and naked concrete walls. Either way, the glass roof will give you a neat design that will complement any room and interior. The sliding glass roof will give you a very open and light feeling, but if youstill want something more than the glass roof, you could swap out some of the original brick or wood walls to a glass wall.


When you install your sliding glass roof you have different options for how to power the roof.
The motors power 1, 2 or 3 bays of 4 glass panels each. If you want to have the whole roof motorized or not is up to you. Many customers with larger glass roofs choose to have some parts of the sliding glass roof fixed, and not retractable.
Maybe you dont want glass covering the whole roof?
-No problem! We can make your glass roof in sections, saving money while doing so.

Please take a look in the gallery to have an inspiration
we have inspirational pictures of past projects with larger sliding glass roofs, small glass roofs, large and small sections with glass etc.


The living room is one the most lived-in rooms of the house. On average, 60 % of the day is spent in the living room. This is the place where everyone in the family gathers, and where you sit with friends and visitors. Because of the importance of a nicely designed living room, a sliding glass roof will make for a very good invenstment, both socially and economically. Most of our customers can count the installation of a glass roof as a big win, as the value of the residence increase double or more of the investment of the glass roof.