Our un-insulated sliding glass roof systems are well known for their reliability. 
The roof system has been patented for over 15 years, and can be found in commercial buildings, restaurants, cafés, palaces, private houses, public buildings etc. The typical customer is one who is looking for a unique solution with a sliding glass roof, and dont want to be limited by conventional skylights or windows.

The un-insulated sliding roof is very versatile and have multiple bennefits:

  • Sliding glass roof, covering an encosed area
  • 75% retractable with 96mm aluminium beams
  • 86% retractable with 145mm aluminium beams
  • Gazebo, used as the full roof structure of the gazebo
  • Pergola, protecting the furnitutre from the elements
  • Opens manually
  • Opens with the push of a button
  • Smart home integrated

The uninsulated system is suitable for patios, gazebos, cafes and restaurants that don’t need insulation. A big bonus with the uninsulated sliding roof is that it is regarded as a ”pergola” and therefor in most european countries don’t need a building permit.

Everything is self supporting and we will calculate the load bearings for you.
With all shipments, we provide a detailed installation manual that will guide you properly in the installation process if you wish to install the sliding roof your selves.

Motorized sliding un-insulated glass roof
The motors used for the sliding glass roofs are single phase, 220-volt tubular motors. Each motor operates two bays of windows, allowing 3 windows in each segment or bay, to slide under the fourth, opening up 75% of the covered area. The motorized sliding roofs have no visible moving parts as they are covered by motor and belt covers.

Service is recommended after 1 year of use, and only includes tensing the belt.

Manually operated sliding un-insulated glass roof
When the sliding roofs are operated manually, an adjustable aluminium rod is supplied to push and pull the glass panels in desired direction.
If you intend to keep the sliding glass roof closed most of the time, and just occasionally open a bay or two, the manual system is recommended.

Service is optional and is usually not needed if the sliding roof tracks and structure is cleaned twice yearly.For more technical informations about the insulated sliding roof systems, navigate to the “technical specifications” page. There you can find different types of glass that can be used, strenght of the structure, insulation values and more.

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