While the sliding glass roofs can be applied in many ways and have different useages, there are three cathegories of different types of roof.




The insulated sliding roofs are made with fibre-glass composite material, that is 100% renewable. The material is very strong, and has great insulating properties. The roof opens with a push of a button, using electric motors. If it starts to rain, the roof automatically closes.

The un-insulated sliding roofs are built with aluminium profiles. The glass used is toughened and strong enough to withstand a lifetime of useage. The sliding glass roof can be opened manually with a rod, or opened by electric motors.

A roof-top enterance or terrace enterance is a fully insulated system made with fibre-glass composite. When a terrace-enterance is installed, it enables the owner to make use of the roof terrace, adding to the propertys value.