Interested in one of our sliding glass roof products? Here is what to do:
  1. Planning. Start by visualizing how you would like the project to look like. Any specific functions that you would like to have? Write them down and let us know.
  2. Measurements. Start by measuring the area you wish the sliding roof to cover. If you can, measure the pitch, or the height difference from where the roof will start and stop. Write the meAsurements down.
  3. Send us the details. Send us the information you have, using the contact page.
    Provide us with measurements (don’t need to be 100% exact), and if you want, attach a file with drawings or a photo of your project. Click the ”Send” button.
  4. DONE! If we don’t need any additional information of you, a quotation or reply is usually send within 24 hours. Don’t hesitate to call us if it is urgent, or you simply need more information, or want to bounce some ideas.
What to expect in terms of price
Roof type Price per sqm / sq ft
Insulated sliding glass roof Approx. 700 eur per square meter / 65 USD per square feet
Un-insulated sliding glass roof Approx. 200 eur per square meter / 19 USD per square feet