FAQ for European Customers

FAQ for European Customers

Information for European customers

  • Shipping to all of Europe within days of completion
  • Standard shipping 3 days
  • Installation by our own professionals
  • Free quotations and help before order is placed
    -All blueprints and documents you need
  • Custom sized roof, exactly fitted to you’r project
  • 5 years international warranty
  • All measurements in metric or imperial system
  • Compliant with European standards
  • Best insulation on the market
  • Fast installation (usually 2 days)


  1. Q: How do you ship the glass roof?
    A: The glass panels are shipped in a squared wooden crate with padding, the beams and motor is shipped separately in an oblong wooden crate.
  2. Q: How long time does it take to manufacture the glass roof?
    A: Standard manufacturing time is 4-6 weeks.

  3. Q: How long time does the shipping take, and what will the shipping cost?
    A: Shipping cost and delivery time vary a lot depending if you want the roof shipped to ex Malta or UK. Please ask us and we will answer swiftly. For UK it takes 2 days.

  4. Q: Are the goods taxable with VAT?
    A: No, you don’t need to pay VAT on the sliding glass roof.

  5. Q: Have you done any projects in Europe before?
    A: Yes, many every year.