FAQ for US customers buying sliding glass roof

For our American customers, here are the main factors to consider when ordering an affordable sliding glass roof from patented roof with great load bearings.


  • Shipping to anywhere in the US
  • Express shipping by flight
  • Standard shipping by boat
  • Installation by professionals
  • Free quotations and help before order is placed
  • Custom sized roof, exactly fitted to you’r project
  • 5 years international warranty
  • All measurements in feet and inches by request
  • Compliant with American standards
  • Best insulation on the market!

What we currently cannot offer.. 


  • We don’t have any agent in the US, projects are handled by us directly
  • No VAT is not required
  • No hidden costs or extra charges for oversea customers
  • No surprises, all costs for add ons like rain sensor etc are stated in the quotation


  1. Q: How do you ship the glass roof?
    A: The glass panels are shipped in a squared wooden crate with padding, the beams and motor is also shipped in an oblong wooden crate.

  2. Q: How long time does it take to manufacture the glass roof?
    A: It depends on the size of the glass roof, but a roof sized at width 20ft and lenght 10ft takes about 4 weeks to completion.

  3. Q: How long time does the shipping take, and what will the shipping cost?
    A: With express, a roof sized at width 20ft and lenght 10ft takes 2-3 days and costs approx. 1,400 USD. Standard shipping takes 21 days and costs approx. 650 USD.

  4. Q: Are the goods taxable with VAT?
    A: No, you don’t need to pay VAT on the sliding glass roof.

  5. Q: Have you done any projects in NA/Canada before?
    A: Yes, mostly in private residences.

  6. Q: How is the reliability of the sliding roofs?
    A: We have made and installed the sliding glass roofs with motors since 2001 and they require minimal maintenance. The company has been active since 1972.